Signs of Development SWAP Program
Share WWWorkshops - Accrue Points
RID, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SWAP Video Description

Note: This video may take a long time to download depending upon your connection speed. Approximate download times if you have the following connections will be:

  • T1 or Cable/DSL = Less than 1 minute
  • Dial-Up = 8 minutes
Also note that the video will begin playing before the download is complete.




Want to earn free WWWorkshops for life? It's simple:

  1. Purchase a CD or downloaded WWWorkshop at full cost
  2. Loan your WWWorkshop to a friend/colleague who wants to earn CEUs (CEUs are available for RID, individual states and ASLTA credit. Please check with for more details.)
  3. Your friend/colleague watches the WWWorkshop and applies for CEU credit via Signs of Development - CEUs applied for through the SWAP program are $6.95 per .1 CEU (1 hour) which is about 1/2 the price of purchasing the WWWorkshop (note: your friend will need to give us your name and the serial number on the WWWorkshop).
  4. You earn one point for each 1.0 CEUs that your friends/colleagues apply for from loaning them your WWWorkshop.
  5. When you have accumulated 10 points, you are qualified to receive a free 5 hour WWWorkshop (note: number of CEUs for each WWWorkshop vary) or save your points and apply them toward a longer wwworkshop).
  6. Don't stop there, keep loaning out your WWWorkshop and earn even more!!!
It's that simple! (Note: a WWWorkshop is the term used for a professional development activity developed for viewing on a computer either by CD Rom or via the Signs' Web site.)

Make sure that the people you SWAP your WWWorkshop with give us 1) your full name, 2) contact information and 3) serial number so that you can be assured of the credit. E-mail us at if you've loaned out your WWWorkshop so that we can cross reference the names and contact information to ensure that you receive proper credit and points.

What could be better than sharing great workshops and getting MORE workshops for free??? Don't stop at 10 points, keep SWAPPING and earning MORE free WWWorkshops!!!

The cost for your friends and colleagues to apply for 0.1 CEU is only $6.95. That's about 1/2 the cost per one-hour session for anyone to whom you loan your WWWorkshop!

Questions or comments please call
Customer Support at
(866) ASL-Sign   or email us at:
Signs of Development, LLC
If you are borrowing a WWWorkshop:

Here are the steps to ensure your friend/colleague receives their SWAP credits and will earn a free wwworkhop (so that you can borrow that one too!!!)

  1. Borrow and watch the WWWorkshop.
  2. At the end of the WWWorkshop, you will find a post-test that will contain instructions on printing.
  3. Print the post-test and answer the questions.
  4. Mail the post-test to the following location:
         Signs of Development, LLC
         1410 Deloney St
         Austin, TX 78721
  5. Along with the post-test, send an amount equal to $6.95 per .1 CEU credit. (if you are unsure how many CEUs each WWWorkshop contains, the total number of hours is found on the post-test page.) There is no need to fill out independent study paperwork, it's as simple as filling out the short post-test and sending it in.
  6. Make sure you fill out the top portion of the post-test thoroughly to ensure you and the person who loaned you this WWWorkshop receives the proper credit.
  7. You will be receiving a certificate by email as soon as your test is verified and your credits are approved. If you do not receive your certificate within 30 days, please contact Signs of Development, LLC at:
    (866) ASL-Sign  Toll Free - Voice/TTY
    (928) 395-1878  FAX
Don't forget our REFER program as well (Refer Every Friend Earn Rapidly). If you refer your friends and colleagues to Signs of Development, LLC, you will earn points for each WWWorkshop (cd or download) that they purchase. For each person you refer that purchases a WWWorkshop, you will earn a point. Accrue 10 points and we will give you a free WWWorkshop. It's that easy!!! What do you have to lose? Start referring today. Make sure your friends give us your full name and contact information so that we can ensure you get proper credit and will receive your free WWWorkshop!!!

Note: Credit toward free WWWorkshops may only be obtained by applying for CEUs through Signs of Development, LLC. Independent Study through another CEU sponsor will not be permitted for any of Signs' copyrighted presentations nor applicable toward the SWAP program.

(Postage/handling & applicable tax will apply toward all purchases and free WWWorkshops via our SWAP program.)


10 5 hour
12 6 hour
18 9 hour
24 12 hour

Cash in your SWAP points for $'s off your next purchase:
SWAP Points Discount
1 $5
5 $25
10 $50
25 $125.50
* 1 SWAP Point equals 10 hours of WWWorkshop training
or 10 x 0.1 CEUs