Technical & Specialized Vocabulary Resource Dictionary
Over 15,000 Entries

After much anticipation, the ASL Technical & Specialized Vocabulary Resource Dictionary by David Bar-Tzur, MS, CI/CT (The Interpreter's Friend Website) is ready!

   The Technical & Specialized Vocabulary ASL Dictionary offers a way to deal with a wide spectrum of topic areas that interpreters are faced with everyday. Rather than offer these in alphabetical order, like most dictionaries, hypermedia allows interpreters to learn vocabulary in the order they are needed, according to what challenges their assignments give them. Few people would think of a dictionary as a professional development vehicle, but by selecting assignments, learning through the classroom and doing selective homework, the interpreter can build understanding and vocabulary simultaneously.
   The dictionary is set up in major categories and further subdivided into categories making navigation as simple as point and click and each entry shows the author as the sign model for that term.


Acting; Arts and entertainment; Culinary arts; Sports and recreation.
Affixes; Deaf studies; Deafblind; English; Interpreting; Linguistics.
Buddhism; Cross-denominational terms; Eastern Orthodoxy; Evangelical; Hinduism; Islam; Jehovah's Witness; Judaism; Kwanzaa; LDS (Mormon); Lutheranism; Miscellaneous terms; Native American spirituality; Religions and denominations; Roman Catholicism and Episcopalianism; Wicca; Worldwide Church of God.
Countries and cities; Criminal justice and legal; Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Trans; History, political science, and warfare; Social work and vocational rehabilitation; Sociology and anthropology.


The hard sciences
Astronomy and space travel; Biology; Chemistry; Earth sciences and meteorology; Greek symbols; Oceanography; Physics.
The applied sciences
Agriculture; Automotive; Business, finance, and economics; Engineering, construction, and architecture; Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; Media and communication.
Mind and body
Drug use and addiction; Health sciences; Physical therapy; Psychology; Sexuality
Systematic thinking
Accounting; Information science (Computers); Mathematics; Philosophy; Statistics and research; Units.

The dictionary is set up in major categories and further subdivided into categories making navigation as simple as point and click and each entry shows David as the sign model signing the term. There's even a search function that allows you instant access to any of the terms on the CD!

This 2 CD set will not be available for CEU credit, however, there is a 3-hour WWWorkshop that can be purchased separately for CEUs focusing on Negotiating Technical Topics. This WWWorkshop addresses strategies for approaching technical vocabulary when the exact sign item is not known. This is a must-have workshop for any educational interpreter and has applications for interpreters working in any setting.

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