Classifiers in Storytelling

ASL's richness is conveyed through the use of classifiers, non-manual markers, use of space, etc. This workshop will focus on incorporating more classifiers into your ASL storytelling as well as your interpretations of stories into ASL. The use of stories to communicate is quite common. Interpreters in the community often called upon to interpret stories in mental health, medical, and legal settings for example. In religious situations, the messages are more often than not taught through the use of stories. And educational interpreters are probably confronted with the most stories in the course of their workday in social studies, history, math, literature, and most every class. This workshop is the first step to bringing your ASL stories and interpretations to life with and more vibrant with classifiers. There are many activities to challenge you and Manny provides models of several stories plus an example of a story without classifiers and one using classifiers. Manny's style of teaching and performing his stories is truly masterful and not to be missed!!!

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