International City and Historical Signs

Presentation Description:

Ever been in the situation when the name of a city, world leader or historical piece of information came up in your work repeatedly and you wished you knew that sign name? This comprehensive professional development activity will provide you with signs for cities around the world as well as an in-depth discussion about how they got these name signs. The newer signs for cities will also be taught. However, because learning is solidified by making connections between pieces of information, you will be given tips to help remember all of these signs. Example: the correct sign for Greece is signed with non-dominant hand index finger pointing (for right-handed dominant would be left hand index finger pointing right) with dominant hand index finger moving downward to form a cross. The purpose for this is because Greece is famous for its many churches with many buildings and the crosses are easily seen from every street.

Additionally, Andy will share his love of historical facts including information about wars and famous leaders through his use of storytelling. This is guaranteed to be one of the most enjoyable ways for you to learn history and simultaneously how to sign this information while also learning the name signs commonly used by the Deaf community.

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