Signs of Development WWWorkshops
RID, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

How Does It Work?

Imagine sitting down at your computer and viewing a video workshop given by some of the most prestigious presenters around the country. CEU credits will be given for successfully answering test questions on the content! Each workshop will vary in length depending upon the amount of time taken to participate in the CD workshop and the activities. The interactive format includes video clips (varying length) with overhead information, activities, and post-test questions.

How do the costs compare to on-site workshops?

On-site workshops from a workshop host perspective require presenter honorarium, travel costs including airfare, hotel, parking, meals, etc. As well hosts incur a charge typically for room usage, equipment, snacks, CEUs, etc. From a participant perspective, costs include registration fees, opportunity costs (what you could have been doing with that time) including loss of work, family time, etc. Additionally, there could be childcare costs, substitute costs, travel charges, etc. The cost to attend a one-day (6 hour) workshop can easily be over $150 with all of the previous costs considered while a Signs' CD 6 hour WWWorkshop costs less than $90. This method of earning CEUs and professional development is cost and time effective under any cost/benefit analysis. Additionally, under our SWAP program (Share WWWorkshops Accrue Points), you can share your CD workshops with colleagues and earn points toward free workshops in the future and get all of your CEUs for FREE!!!

Exactly what are Signs' WWWorkshops?

WWWorkshops attempt to mimic on-site workshops to the greatest extent possible. You can expect a linear format of information which includes a video of the presenter with accompanying text-based information which is similar to a PowerPoint slideshow that supports the presentation. Also, to achieve this and to support and enhance the learning process, many of our workshops require outside activities and may require keeping an activity journal, observations, interviews, videotaping, etc. In many ways, this enhances the learning that is derived from this avenue of professional development. We sincerely hope that you not only enjoy the workshops, but also appreciate the many benefits that come from professional development via this format.

WWWorkshops offer Professional Development opportunities to meet continuing education needs and career goals. WWWorkshops are available on CD ROM and can be viewed in the comfort of your home or office at a time that is convenient for your busy schedule.

Signs of Development is a sponsor in accordance with RID's Certification Maintenance Program and guarantees your satisfaction!! State and ASLTA credits will be awarded upon request.