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CEU Information
RID, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Signs of Development is an approved sponsor for RID CEUs (Continuing Education Units). We have a number of ways that interpreters and educators can earn their CEUs with RID or your state licensing agency. We have existing relationships with most states and ASLTA, who accept CEUs granted by our WWWorkshops without any additional verification required.
This page has been developed to explain the variety of ways that CEUs can be earned, with links to the pages where this information can be found and explained in more depth.
  • Sponsoring Workshops - Signs of Development can sponsor your on-site workshop for a nominal processing fee
    • Sponsorship with minimal involvment (you complete all of the paperwork including certificates) = $50
    • Signs develops all paperwork and manages the CEU process for your event = $100
  • Purchase/use of WWWorkshops - Purchase for $14.95 per hour for CDs, $8.95/hour for streaming versions. All workshops are here
    • SWAP - Share WWWorkshops with your colleagues, they pay just $6.95/hour for CEUs. More info
    • Educators and Educational Interpreters can use Described & Captioned Media Program's lending library. Visit CEUs may be obtained as in the SWAP Program for $6.95 per .1 CEU.
    • Borrow a workshop from an RID chapter or Local Library.
  • Independent Studies = CEUs processing is $6.95 per .1 CEU (one hour) with a cap of $50.
  • Academic Coursework - CEUs processing is $6.95/.1 CEU, cap of $50 per course
  • Study Groups grant CEUs and are available for:
    • Written Tests
      • SC:L Two parts for legal knowledge/interpreting, one group for legal interpreting ethics
      • NIC and EIPA
      • CDI
    • Performance Groups - test preparation for NIC and EIPA
    • Interview portion of the NIC test
  • Mentoring - See Study Group page for mentoring information and pricing
  • Need a PINRA form? (pdf)