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Certification Readiness Assessment

Are you planning to take an interview or performance test in the near future but not sure whether you are quite ready? Signs of Development provides Readiness Assessments (RA) that will provide you with support to help you determine your degree of test readiness.

You may request just a Readiness Assessment, or one RA is provided with each Performance Test ISM. If you choose to work on two or more skills within a module, the extra skill(s) Readiness Assessments may be requested for an additional cost. You will see where to sign up for these on the registration form.

Signs' trained mentor will provide you with:

  1. A basic assessment of your skills in one or all of the following categories:
    • Interpreting
    • Transliterating
    • CDI Performance
    • Interview (Ethical Decision Making)
  2. Determination of test readiness
  3. Ideas for skill development work

If you are interested in this, please download the registration form and indicate which RA you would like to have completed. Upon registration, you will be provided with information on the specific way in which you will provide your sample(s), the process, and timelines. Your time and investment are valuable to you and to us, and we want to help you make sure that you are ready!

Portfolio Segments Needed:

A Readiness Assessment is an assessment of test readiness at the current time. From the assessment, you will receive:

You need to develop a video (*see note on format of video samples). Portfolio segments should be developed for each of the skills you want assessed - if you are working on only transliterating, you'll need to develop samples from only transliterating work, if you are working on interpreting then interpreting samples, and if you are working on both skills for your Performance ISM work, then you'll need to develop and send two sets of samples. The follow is a guide for development of portfolio segments:

For transliterating assessment ~

For interpreting assessment ~

A few guidelines for the samples:

This seems like a lot of information so feel free to email for clarification ( When you are ready to mail your video samples, let us know and we'll be prepared to work on it.

Mail registration and video samples to:
Signs of Development
1410 Deloney St
Austin, TX 78721