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Study Groups have been a proven effective method with over a 95% pass rate for those who participate fully and take the written test a short time after the completion of the group.

Our Individual Study Modules are the same material, but give you more flexibility in the way you participate.

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The study group & ISM concept is built on the developer Lynne Wiesman's training through the Master Mentor program. She was a student, then expert consultant, mentor, and instructor in the program.

Signs of Development's program is built on the concept of your owning the information so that when you sit down to take the test, the form of the question will not matter. You will have discussed ALL of the salient topics to interpreting by researching and answering the questions.

The philosophy behind these ISMs is not based on the teaching method that provides information to be memorized. This has been proven to be the least effective approach to learning information. Additionally, no person can really tell you what to study for the tests since it would be an ethical violation to discuss that information. Using Signs of Development's study groups you will research, and therefore "own", all-encompassing information that you will use for the test and also for your career as a professional interpreter!