Some testimonials I've received from my clients:

Working with Alicia these past months has helped tremendously in my receptive skill. She has always been patient with me if I missed a fs word or number. Alicia has helped me pinpoint my strengths and what I need to focus on for improvements, as well as being a great model for ASL. She has helped me focus on ASL syntax, breaking my habit of English grammar. Alicia is truly an asset to me and other students looking to improve their ASL. I find her to be very approachable and friendly.


I have been working with Alicia McClurkan for the past 12 months to support my studies in the American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program at the Austin Community College. During my thus-far two- year tenure in the program, I can honestly say that meeting Alicia has been one of the best things that happened to me.

The first day when I met her I told her, signing awkwardly, that I lost my confidence in my prospects in the program and that I was overwhelmed with the requirements of a fast-paced course that I was taking at the time. Alicia's first response was to set the books aside and chat with me casually. This put me at ease immediately. When I left my first session that day, I felt encouraged and confident again.

In the following months Alicia helped me with a variety of areas in ASL, ranging from classifiers, vocabulary, idioms and so on. As a "hearie," I tend to think in words, rather than pictures. Alicia is an extraordinary story teller. She's been helping me visualize better before expressing myself in ASL. She presents me different sample sentences, with the help of which I can understand the varying meanings of the same sign in different contexts. Alicia proactively detects my weaknesses and points me in the direction of tackling them head on.

My discussions with Alicia have also led me to gaining a better understanding of the Deaf culture. She's been open about giving relevant examples from her own experiences, to help me study this language as an integral part of the culture from which it as born.

Over the course of this past year, I have improved significantly in visualization, the use of classifiers, fingerspelling, receptive understanding, and fluency, all because of my regular meetings with Alicia. But most importantly, I am encouraged and enthusiastic about learning.

All I can say to you Alicia is: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Beti A.

Austin, Texas
Anna F.

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