Hi, my name is Alicia McClurkan!

I provide language mentoring services to students, parents, and anyone who would like to enhance their ASL skills.

I am a native signer and all of my family is also Deaf so ASL is in my veins. My business is called ASL Elevated because I can picture people who want to become better signers moving up the escalator or elevator to ASL mastery!

I employ many different strategies, tools, and techniques to help people become proficient at ASL, including traditional face-to-face tutoring and mentoring, and distance mentoring using video conferencing such as Skype or Tango. I use my iPad to incorporate pictures and games into our sessions. I also try to be creative, and bring people to events with me in the Deaf community so they feel comfortable with - and gain exposure to - ASL and Deaf culture in natural settings, where language flourishes!

People I work with can come with their own goals for our work, or we can work together to identify the most fundamental skill issues and toward developing ways to improve those skills.

I look forward to each and every challenge, and I don't give up until people are proficient signers and have met their goals!